Day 81 (of 185) man with a van = music outreach

Day 81 (of 185) man with a van = music outreach

We had a music tour scheduled to come out to our school last week. Due to weather and illness it  was “postponed”….but where my school is ‘postponed’ tends to mean: cancelled. 

Fortunately we have a vibrant music program in our district and “cancelling” isn’t an option by the performers. The secondary music program was re-focused (in part by my daughter) that if they couldn’t do a tour of a couple schools, why not repurpose the activity and instead come out….do a performance (concert & jazz) and work with the junior bands that we have in the school before returning back for buses. 

And the adults…I am inspired by my schools music teacher (who was also with me at the school I was at last year) who LOVES pushing the band program (small school, but we’ve got two tubas in our 7/8 band!). And she is encouraged by our secondary music leader who inspires his kids daily (my personal bias is they just want to make him happy so that he might do a drum solo). And we have an administrator of our music program who is overworked as he balances supporting the music programs and stepping in when teachers are absent…..

And it was awesome seeing the secondary students working with our elementary/middle students. And the adult musicians being in their like dirty shirts…. from small group tutoring to sitting with the students in the band to perform for the school. It was great seeing everyone having fun and seeing our younger students see that music doesn’t just happen at our school!  

Where do I fit in? Well….while chimes and Dr Who sound effects can be done via iPad (it’s true – iPads are in our concert bands!) there is something special by having the big drums – the timpani – all three of them! come on the road. And getting bonus drivers can be tough…and though gas money was offered….since I’m going to the school anyway (😀) I was able to put them into the van and meet them at the school. And my music teacher noted that while her fiat is cute and economical….the van isn’t just for “soccer moms” but also for band geeks!  Just doing my part to make music happen!


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