Day 78 (of 185) learning about things I may never use….but still useful….really….right? 

Day 78 (of 185) learning about things I may never use….but still useful….really….right? 

aka microcredentialing with leadership standards

2017 has me trying some new learnings. I’m a strong iOS/Apple fan (and have been since my dad first brought an Apple II into our house. In university, I had my Mac that fit nicely into a milkcrate for transportation purposes between the family home and the dorm. And of course meant for great teasing between those of us who had computers that worked and those that spent hours connecting their 486’s together (too soon??)

But this year I’m taking some inspiration from my Surface-using #PLN member @jagill and taking first steps to being a Microsoft Innovative Educator . This is in part due to our district taking big moves towards implementing Office 365 (and during my research into this, better referred to as O365). Some the key selling points are how files and educator work can be accessed from any device…..something I’ve been doing for a bunch of years now…..and will be continuing with. But….I know there are some tools that will come in handy….after all, I will confess to being a Microsoft fan back when it was “second place” to WordPerfect….until (strike one) they removed Publisher from the package and (strike two) powerpoint in ’07 stopped exporting as a movie.

I am also exploring being a Google Certified Teacher with the longer range focus of becoming a Google Certified Innovator. I use many google products (especially for collaboration with others, including some #chats that I help moderate). I’ve been inspired heavily by the work of @alicekeeler and @msvictoriaolson – but….. to fully use (even try) google apps for education (GAFE) the district essentially has to “give permission”. I’m sure I could figure out a workaround, but for the time being……I’ll follow the “rules”. I know (and acknowledge) that our province has some of the strictest Privacy Rules in Canada/North America/the World which significantly limits the creativity and innovation that could be being used. <– commentary aside, GAFE offers some intriguing possibilities that I do want to explore further. 

And if we ever get back to 1:1ish tech/students, I do like the thinking behind

I am taking a stand: I may disagree with the technology you use, but I will defend your right to use it
And seeking some micro-credentials may help me have a better sense of what “else” others are working with! After all, as a member of the BCPVPA which means we have Leadership Standards that includes instructional leadership!

I am looking forward to seeing where this focused Learning takes me!


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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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