Day 77 (of 185) starting to prep for a mystery Skype with thanks to @korytellers & @pernilleripp

Day 77 (of 185) starting to prep for a mystery Skype with thanks to @korytellers & @pernilleripp



I’ve done a little bit of “skyping in” to classes. I’ve read a book by Canada’s own Robert Munsch to a group of students who had never even heard of the Paperboy Princess! and another time did a mystery Skype while outside for recess supervision to show some secondary students in the US south the snow activities our school was up to (cross country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmen)



So I was thrilled when I saw that the inspirational @korytellers was looking for some mystery skypers….I have some students who would be very interested in this…!


So today, I got to take my students through a little exploration of what a mystery Skype is (and no, it is not a masked figure trying to hack the computers – someone’s watching too many mystery shows…) and what we need to know, both about ourselves and what we need to ask….


That’s were the phenomenal @pernilleripp comes in, because I remember she had a great blog providing hints for a successful mystery Skype:


Love the focus of asking “not good questions” – ‘good questions’ have multiple deep responses, but during a mystery Skype, it’s more like “20 questions” so we have to have “good” yes/no questions developed. Like are they located near a specific province….which means we need to know our own countries provinces. And geography – it’s great to ask if someone is located to the east or west of the rockies (#westcoastbias) or the missisippi etc etc. Good questions are vital, but there needs to be understanding of why they are good questions!




These two ladies have been very influential and inspirational as I have had the opportunity to return the library to my portfolio as a teaching-principal. It’s been fun to work with my 3/4 class to start to develop a strategy to ask questions and think of something that we can share that represents our learning community…



Looking forward to my first mystery Skype of the year!!

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