Day 76 (of 185) I love my apple watch; and some thoughts about tech disruptions

Day 76 (of 185) I love my apple watch; and some thoughts about tech disruptions

Weird topic for a “days of learning blog”, but it’s true. I received an Apple Watch for a combo birthday/Christmas present (benefit of having a december birthday) after craving one since they were first released. I think I’m happy I waited for the AW2 to come out though. It’s got some neat, potentially disruptive capabilities that may change much of what/how I do what I do.

Wearable technology will challenge and push educators – especially the ones that are still reluctant to allow tech into their classrooms -and while my daughter is an excellent note taker in all her classes, she is well aware that being able to take screenshots would benefit many of her peers who do not find copying notes so easy <— and there’s other issues I have around “copying” but…..discussions around if assignments are copyable are they really worthwhile? But as I’ve taken phone calls and written texts on my watch….I can see how it can be a replacement for our traditional “phone” (and has a calculator on it so may evade the top drawer of some teachers). 

As for disruptions (and almost disruptions) here’s some of my recalls:

My dad was given a finger wag when he brought microwave ovens into Foods rooms. 

He was also questioned directly about why computers were being introduced when our school had a very fine typewriter lab right next to where the computers were being placed. 

I got a smile from some when I had a 100′ Ethernet cord running down the hall from our school lab to my classroom. 

When I was asking PAC for some money to try an iPod initiative, they encouraged me to ask for the iPod touches (brand new at the time) 
–> honestly I’d still prefer a class set of iPod touches to the desktops we try to use in our schools still-lab. 

Our request for laptops instead of desktops (early 2000s) was approved, cancelled and then reapproved by a new superintendent with the “warning”: I’ll be watching. 
–> I’ve been working for a decade to replicate the amazing learning dynamics we were able to create by having laptops invade classrooms. It was SO much better than ‘going to the lab’ <– even though others who have never had laptops in their classrooms disagree with this……..and a pilot project in our district was not a success….but my inside voice still thinks that OS & size may have been a factor

I’ve enabled staffs to use iPod nano with video functions to record their students responses because writing down was too frustrating. And when Dragon Dictation and other 3rd party apps started to be used, I still found voice to text on my iPhone worked better….which led to some frustration because I couldn’t buy a $200 device to support a student with her “writing” but I could buy a $800 desktop and $150 software and have her leave the classroom to “support” her….

And then I’ve also been supported to try initiatives blending iPads and eportfolios. And I’m always blown away by how powerful it is when possible disruptions are given a chance to be tried and supported as opposed to waiting to see how/if others use them. I think it’s better to work with a disruptors rather than watch it do somethingTO your industry (and education has previously done a better job working with potential disruptors such as on-line learning, khan academy, computers etc than blockbuster did when it could’ve bought Netflix). 

Looking forward to seeing how/if the Apple Watch transforms how I do what I do….and as a mentor of mine advised: we will share and celebrate successes and misses…..well, if you know we/I tried something but not much more than that (I won’t mention some names as some are trying to keep them involved in schools) then you can make some assumptions!

Connected reference: from the Scorpion TV show when a character used a mechanical arm tool to help with her shot and was called for “cheating” the response was that while the machine did the work, she made the machine….so who gets the credit…!?


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