Day 75 (of 185) the mindsets of coding

Day 75 (of 185) the mindsets of coding



I love it when I get to “steal” a class for some more coding time (the bonus part of being a principal whose teaching time is in the library). Today I got to steal a 3/4 class for some exploring of coding a personalized Flappy Bird Game:



And it reconfirmed a few thoughts around mindsets:



I’ve got a few that want to do it right the first time, and if they don’t….they pause….often wanting to be shown what to do…..




There are the ones who are brave enough to explore, rightly or wrongly, and see where it takes them….and ones that want to “skip lessons” to see if they can just “figure it out”




There are some that wonder if there is something “else” they can do…..because they don’t like it when they don’t “get it” right away and something…..anything….else may be preferable.




There are the ones that want to give up…….and surprisingly many of these are the ones who want ‘just a little more time’ when it is time to send the class back to their regular teacher and the rest of the day.




There are some that read the instructions and follow the hints…..there are some that have no idea that those words in front of them are actually hints to help them solve the challenges…..and “instructions”? what is this word you speak of?




And best of all the ones that know that while they may not get it right the first time….that’s not the point. The point is more to keep trying (rigor/perseverence/grit) and know that there is a way to be successful, even if it’s not clearly evident right away.


Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 11.17.45 AM.png



But my favourite part of “tech time” is when it starts to get noisy – because they are collaborating – learning from each other; seeing who has solved which level, and “how”. No secrets (though some try) but an opportunity to help everyone succeed……because I get to be the “I don’t know” guy – even if I do know, I know it is better to let the students struggle and fail at a task like this….because a “fail” just means there is an opportunity to try again….but try differently <– key components to creating a “growth mindset” and that discovery can be a very effective and affective method of learning.



I’m really enjoying encouraging my learners to embrace a Coding state of mind!


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