Day 74 (of 185) differentiated “in-days” – it’s a thing.

Day 74 (of 185) differentiated “in-days” – it’s a thing.

Today the weather was dumb. It was cold. But it’s been cold. Where our school is, the lake can have an impact. Like today where it was 3 degrees warmer on our side of the lake, and while there wasn’t much of a wind….the little breeze smacked the skin hard!

It’s one of the reasons I avoid “absolutes” when it comes to in-day temperatures. Some would say there are many things I am not a fan of having absolutes for….I have a growing reputation for adding -ish to the end of declarations…

Today was one of the weird ones. When I was walking around the front of the school it was cold. But on the west side (that admittedly blocks the wind) it didn’t feel too bad. On the north side it  was like the front of the school…cold but…..and when I got to the east side and felt the sting of the breeze that was barely moving my flags (but they were moving) it was an  in-day. 

And repeat. Brrr –> not bad –> brrr –> why is anyone outside?

But we have an interesting couple of sliding areas. And I want kids to be outside and moving (one of my talking points at a PLC-enabling assembly today) but my verbalized rule has always been: when it’s too cold for me, it’s a good time to be inside. [in my youth if I was wearing a toque and gloves greeting the buses it was a good time to get inside – but now I wear gloves and toques much more often….for style…..]

So, after a quick check to make sure I wouldn’t violate any unspoken in-day rules that I hadn’t inferred, I came up with a good deal: older students had access to the gym while younger students had access to their classrooms (and maybe the library and lab….;-) while I would stay outside and add some steps to my health app. 

And I have to admit. It surprised me who stayed outside. I expected my younger learners who were obsessed with building a snow fort and sliding….but the 13 girls sliding on the big hill…giggling…sliding fast..and trying to hit an icy jump….it was really neat to watch. Especially as they were not a group of girls that would usually be interacting with each other. Neat things happen when differentiation is enabled – even if it’s an in-day. 

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