Day 65 (of 185) Coding – but not in a usual way….. #hourofcode

Day 65 (of 185) Coding – but not in a usual way…..



Today I was doing some “coding mindset” work with my youngest learners – our kinds (and then our 1/2 class). My plot did not include technology though.


No screens.

No keyboards.

But the “right mindset”… explore, question and try.

We went to the gym.

I took out a crate of white balls.  I didn’t say anything.

I held one out in my hand.

I still didn’t say anything.



Tentatively the first student came up and grabbed it.  I took out another…..then another.

I hadn’t given any clues beyond smiles to have the students start to explore the space with “a” tool.

Then I snuck in some yellow scoops.  Again, I didn’t say anything.

Soon scoops were being incorporated into solo and group games.



Then I brought in some bowling pins.  Not enough for all, and some were trying multiple pins with their exploration.



Then we debriefed.

I shared that I was giving them opportunities so that: when they didn’t know what to do, they should still do something.



Then we talked about why “new items” (aka steps/alterations/patterns) were introduced and how that “changed” things.  And again how some (but not enough for all) also impacted what was happening as we explored adding steps to what was going on.  My push was to show the students how multiple steps work together and build off of each other. It was a neat progression to work with the students and debrief the steps they need to be able to do which correlate beautifully with the more traditional “screen versions” of coding!



For other ideas around coding unplugged:


Where I have then other students when I want them plugged in:

Based on Moana:

Based on Star Wars:

Based on Minecraft

A quick intro to Scratch

And for seasonal pre-thinking:


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