Day 69 (of 185) Christmas Concert Day (with a shoutout to @AmericanWifeABC )

Day 69 (of 185) Christmas Concert Day

The hap-hap-happiest time of the year!

Whether it’s the microphone cords not reaching quite far enough…..

Or the phone call asking (again – in a loving way) if the concert is today and if so what time….

Or the sudden question: do we have enough chairs?

Or the stage fright that occurs when there are a LOT more people at the afternoon performance than the mornings “dress rehearsal” (I’m glad I was too busy to do a head count and compare numbers to our fire capacity…..because we were close….but I’m sure we were just below the cutoff!😇)

It’s always amazing to hear and see the variety of performances come together this time of year. I really realized how much I missed “the older kids” – having taught K-12 (not too much time in kindly, but a fair chunk in English 12) I have found much of my work as a principal in elementary schools – and this year the grade 8s have reminded me what it’s like to have older learners in the school. 

It’s not many schools that can have a junior band (grade 5/6) a senior band (7/8), a jazz band (we have an awesome amazing music teacher – our district music principal and I hired her and we still throw our shoulders out parting ourselves on the back for that hire!) as well as a student-organized band! Oh, and a choir. AND we still had performances by classrooms. 

I’ll admit we have a kindy who stole the show. Her voice rose above all others singing “Put a Little Love in your Heart” that rivals the Bill Murray version in Scrooged

But we did have the usual nerves. Some anxieties that showed themselves on stage…..others out of the limelight back in class where they couldn’t contain their emotions any longer. This is why I try to maintain a focus on positive problem solving. 

And then I watched a TV show that resonates a little too much with my family: American Housewife. The first episode of the series modelled about half a dozen self regulation strategies, so it hooked me (it’s original title also being rather less politically correct for a network show also had me intrigued, but that’s a google inquiry question ). And tonight’s episode also had a scene worth sharing about Christmas concerts: Diedrich Badgers character gets some bad news about work during a concert and when the music teacher leading the concert keeps stopping and restarting the show (sorry – the scene isn’t on YouTube yet) he sums it up perfectly: “don’t be stressed, just let our adorable kids mangle the songs!”

So sure some clarinets made some squeaky sounds. And some instruments were forgotten for the first performance (but made it by lunch!). And maybe the xylophones weren’t in perfect synchronization, but it’s the best it’s ever been!!

And when the whole school starts singing the final number…..adults as well as the children….the background music is just there to remind us when to start the refrain again….because the smiles just keep getting us out off key!

Concert day. Exhausting. Full of unexpectancies. But so worth it! Every year seems to get better and better!

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