Day 66 (of 185) on apologies….a parallel

Day 66 (of 185) on apologies….a parallel



I had to find a way to make a connection for a student around the concept of “apologies”. They are aware of the words to say (I’m sorry)


Also aware of the words that should follow (I accept your apology)



And then they anticipate everything being as it was before. It’s not always to work with the skill of empathy with some early learners…so I needed a visual:



I took a pencil and broke it’s tip. Then I apologized to it (Yes, I have stolen/modified this story from others)
Then I asked if the apology made the pencil back to being “good” again.


Our next step was to go to a pencil sharpener where we made it “good again”….but when we compared it to another pencil I had (some pre-sharpened ones)….


….it was easy to see that the pencil “wasn’t the same” – it was shorter (we talked about how embarrassed people sometimes hunch/slump). It was still good and useable….but not the same….



….and then the connection – even though you said sorry for their actions, it doesn’t mean that things go back to the way they were….changes happened – and we have to be aware of that…sorry is only part of an apology process which means that things have changed. Tough concept when you enter the problem-solving mindset where “sorry” is not the end of the process.


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