Day 62 (of 185) re sounds in class (esp nature sound)

Day 62 (of 185) re sounds in class (esp nature sound)

We have a class that has done very busy learners in it. Very. Busy. One thing we noticed is that they do very well with visuals – and their teacher starts the day with calming music and related visuals on the smartboard to help everyone set themselves up for a successful day. At least almost everyone. 

I do have one boy on a ‘delayed start’ to his class time. It is working for him. His classsmates get to get their coats and shoes changed in a busy commotion while he plays Lego and we have a chat about how he is feeling and what is coming up (and a new addition: talking about specific school rules and roles). 

And it’s mostly working. But mostly isn’t good enough. 

He picks up on all noises. And can be extremely sensitive to some (so inbred to be careful when I’m reading Robert Munsch books )

We tried one set of ear protectors but they had developed a rattle and weren’t quiet at all. We tried a new pair and it helped….but again….not quite right. 

But better success this week with a Bluetooth headset (on sale at a local store) connected to the teachers iPad (also a new disruptive tech to our school). We selected an app that has a variety of “white noise”. So he can still hear the teacher but can listen to other sounds to distract himself….which allows him to focus on what he should be and ignoring some of the other distractions that he had been focusing on. 

Neither of us likes the waterfall. He likes the lightning and fire sounds best. But best of all is he has ownership over what is going on, keeping the sounds predictable and orderly – and that may be the best part of this intervention which keeps him better connected to the learning IN The classroom. 


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