Day 59 (of 185) the book fair

Day 59 (of 185) the book fair

One of the ‘treats’ of being a principal-librarian is the running of an annual (or more) book fair. They can be fun, exhausting, a thrill and a pain – all within a five minute stretch. So….why do it?

  • Balancing promoting literacy and books with the add-on erasers/bookmarks/trinkets that help raise margins to get good reward
  • Re-awakens the customer service skills and mental-math skills that were grained into me during my first job at Lillooets Country Store. 
  • Allows students to see actual cash sales (our credit card machine was missing its sheets)
  • Neat seeing students strategize the ‘best deal’ they can arrange with the money their parents let them come to school with. 
  • Leads to great discussions around respect and responsibility with kids bringing ca$h to school
  • Discussions about “no loans”
  • It is a surprising good way to begin in some families that can otherwise be tricky to get through the front door!
  • Gives me a different perspective on student dynamics
  • Gives me quiet time during the night event……every year I have done these the first and last hour of evening events seem to do well….but the middle part…..well….at least I can catch up on my emails!
  • It can also be interesting seeing some family dynamics – and when kids start pulling parents to a book (rather than the posters) it does feel good.
  • I know I’ll sleep well – keeping an eye on kids and inventory and still being available to run the school makes me yearn for my pedometer watch (broke – but birthday/Christmas coming up may lead to a special iOS addition…!)
  • I admit my ‘decorating’ has never been a strength, but my wife has always made it look good
  • Recently I’ve seen/had PACs taking over this fundraiser – but at this time of year I know there is a lot of bonus-stress in the air, so I’m good to take this on
  • I also like binging the book fair to the schools I’m part of as they typically are not close to book stores (it’s not a quick run to walmart….) so it’s nice to bring some unique book products to the people (I may be channelling the inner-me that worked at Chapters once upon-a-time)
  • I admit that I’m not all about the fund raising…..
  • I’ve also softened my position on the book fair ‘trinkets’ – because I know not everyone can afford the amazing $25 T-Rex book……but it can be important for them to get a bookmark because then….they helped….
  • I am aware of the pressures that can be put on families (and students) to take part in book fairs….so I try my best to ensure we have a good variety so that we can help enhance the library
  • We are able to connect alkmabout why we sometimes borrow books at a library and why we would buy a book to own….some of us ‘get’ the ownership importance…..and it can sometimes be hard to understand why so many “don’t”

It’s been a lot of fun reconnecting my teaching time with library! And love them or hate them, book fairs continue to hold a good place in my heart….and I bet my own parents are happy we only had the magazine orders as kids…..I would’ve had a tough time staying self-regulated around all the books!!

A bookstore inside a library… nice!

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