Day 51 (of 185) Design Thinking 

Day 51 (of 185) Design Thinking 

This week I am leading my K-8 students through some design thinking as part of our Library/Learning Commons time. Totally “borrowing” from Ready Set Design

Also referring to @BillNye and his science guy look at inventions (featuring Samuel Jackson before the extra “L”)

Because it does a great job modelling that mistakes happen; the importance of rethinking and going “back to the drawing board”. It allows me to prepare students for a guided, gradual release of responsibility…and with my older students we talked about the “implementation dip” that do often occurs when trying something new – and sometimes new sucks and is awful….until it’s awesome. I used to call this “embracing the chaos”….it has shifted to “trusting the process”. 

So….step one was getting the students into an “inventor mindset” with a Bill Nye

Step two was teasing the “tool boxes” which include mystery elements that may or may not be directly linked to the challenge question (I am trying to set these up separate from each other). 

Step three: the question. This week for my younger classes: my fingers are cold. Design me something better than gloves or mitts to keep my fingers warm. 

For my older students: how can we purify water (connects to a discussion about a Mae to WE challenge to get clean drinking water to everyone in the world)
Step four: the reveal. What’s in the box. 

This week: 6 coffee straws, 2 elastic bands, a sip cup, some post-its, four paper clips, some paper of varying sizes

Step five: following the inspiration if Sugata Mitra, using self- organized groups…but need 7 groups as that’s all the boxes I have!

And then tackle the questions. With limited time (10-15 mins) and then sharing to the group. 

The results: some classes worked better than others (grades 3-6 seemed more collaborative than k-3&7-8) but I expected that….just as I anticipated some groups within the classes would work better than others..because it’s everyone’s first time (and as a connection piece – our 5/6 class that seemed most engaged have been doing some passion projects and work with SOLEs so they may be more ready to work differently. 

Looking forward to building on what we all learned as we move to week two!

Update: great blog by George Couros about design thinking just a couple days after my blog –>

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