Day 46 (of 185) my take on #movember no-shave-november etc 

Day 46 (of 185) my take on #movember no-shave-november etc 

Once a year I ditch my razor and stop shaving. Next to my “different tie each day”, it’s probably what I get the most comments from my students about. It’s also probably what I get the most complaints about from my family….well my wife and girls at least….my son is on year 14 of not shaving…..because us guys gotta stick together. 

And there are many reasons for guys to take part in this event. 
Level one: an excuse to see what happens when they let the facial hair fly!

Level two: a way to raise awareness of men’s health issues…..because men are so good at talking about our health….physical or mental….

Level three: to show specific support for a man in their life. 

Sidebar: I kind of think it would be neat to have different facial hair freedoms represent different issues. ie moustache for physical health (cancer) bears for mental health; mutton chops for heart/lung health; full bushman for all of the above…..

Level four: raising money for a specific charity. The “starting” point for this month was for men to donate how much they would normally have spent on personal grooming devices for the month. Others raise donations so that friends and families can support them.  I’m not good at this part. But I always know one or two that I can forward via social media to those who are interested in pledging financial support. 

As such, I think I’m mostly on leve 2. I’ve got a weeks worth of beard growth started and as kids (and adults) ask questions I am happy to share about the importance in talking about men’s physical and mental health…..and kind of approaching level theee as I have lost friends and family to physical, internal and mental health issues…..and may not have if there was more social dialogue on these topics. 

But as I tucked my youngest in bed and gave her a “whisker burn” she did an eye roll and sighed “movember”…..!


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