Day 42 (of 185) an open letter to @wetome & @canucksautism & @rogersarena

Day 42 (of 185) an open letter to @wetome & @canucksautism & @rogersarena


November 3rd – WE Day. A fantastic event that brings like-minded student learners from across the province to @rogersarena for an event hosted and created by Craig Kielburger and his brother Marc – starting of as Free the Children and evolving into MetoWe



An event that focuses on key issues – ranging from education for girls around the world, bringing in clean water, and recently emphasizing the work of Canadas Truth & Reconciliation and gender equity. Blending working around the world while still taking care of issues-at-home. A common catchphrase has been that the world needs “more canada”, but to do so we need to acknowledge (and make right) our own past mis-steps as a nation.



I am proud that my oldest girl has gone to five WE Days as she has been a class leader and then working on school leadership projects and most recently working as a district student leader. I also love how my youngest girl was invited this year to attend her first WE Day. I was even more impressed that our districts project based learning program, inspirED, that my son is part of was also going as a group……


….well….most of them….


one couldn’t go. My son. Who has generalized anxiety (which has entered the spectrum for autism)



And part of it is a crowd of 16000+. part of it is the noise. can’t forget the pyrotechnics. and the crowd (can’t emphasize this enough).



But this year I was reflecting on inclusion….and there are a lot of adaptions made for students with a variety of obstacles….but I think a little more could be done….especially since the Rogers Arena is so closely connected to the Vancouver Canucks who have their own Canucks Autism Network….



Is there an opportunity to create a space for learners to be present to hear the empowering and powerful presentations being shared….and being part of a larger body of students and seeing that leadership can (and does) come in all shapes and sizes. Is there an opportunity to use one of the suites and make it “sensory appropriate”. Perhaps enabling it to be darker…perhaps a little quieter…enabling networking of like-minded-learners to connect with each other (as many were doing in the main concourse)…supporting students to take a step out into ‘the event’ while still knowing they have a safety zone? We know this can be done…so….shouldn’t we?



Just a thought to make “WE” an even larger community of learners.


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