Day 41 (of 185) school guests – the awesome and the “not so much” @metowe @jonhamlin @cuebc

Day 41 (of 185) school guests – the awesome and the “not so much”

We get to spend the night at a secondary school Wednesday night. Yep. 
“We” being a variety of students from across our school district. 

“Why” so that we can attend @metowe day in Vancouver. 
“Where” at a school whose own leadership team has “adopted” us and wouldn’t let us stay anywhere else! Added bonus, @cuebc president @jonhamlin is the leadership teacher so we even got to talk some tech!

It was fabulous – especially the teachers of the school letting us invade their space. Saw some great ideas I’m looking forward to taking back to our district….


One thing stuck out (because something similar influenced my tech thinking a week ago….

“Guest password”. This was the ‘not so awesome’ part. Because the password was a myriad of letters and numbers of all shapes and sizes…..and providing a lot of headaches to people trying to check in….and then the wifi wasn’t able to work (while we were trying to stream an epic World Series game 7!)

And it reminded me of another recent “guest experience” when I popped into another district….and was given a 24 character password to try to decipher. “Guests”?  Really??

Starting to lead me to some bigger questions about wifi/internet and learner access. And the barriers to access it…..because of “safety”.  But I’m going to try to stay focused on what promises to be an amazingly positive experience for our students at WE Day. And I was able to download an app update at a local coffee house anyways….there are always workarounds!


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