Day 37 (of 185) do you clap or snap at a jazz performance?

Day 37 (of 185) do you clap or snap at a jazz performance?

“Let’s give the jazz combo another hand” is what we heard tonight. And I had to wonder: is that right? Is that appropriate? I thought we were to snap our fingers to jazz and not clap?

What is the cultural norm? What are the improprieties and hidden rules? (I often bring up questions like this at a variety of “uncomfortable” meetings/discussions around BC Aboriginal Education and Social economics) and I’ve already blog/bragged about our district continuing to support music in schools:

And I love how the fabulous conductor used the transitions to reconfirmed that when jazz solos (all improvised) are being created and played, all areas of the brain light up – and students get to show their creativity….communication abilities….and bravery amongst many competencies – and sometimes a ‘snap’ doesn’t necessarily feel like enough of an acknowledgement (in today’s noisy world….)

Hidden rules are tough. Sure “fans” know about secret menus (like the butterbeer latte at Starbucks) and dress codes (I made the mistake of not dressing up right at a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show) but of course some of these gaffs are minor – fandom means knowing obscure references like the name of the band at the Mos Eisley Cantina (or just knowing that this is the bar in the first Star Wars movie….episode 4….yeah….)

But sometimes there can be bigger missteps – and sometimes these socio-economic “hidden rules” can be difficult….

Mindsets are tough – as Douglas Adams wrote about food, depending on the civilization: you are concerned about either how much you are, what you chose to eat, or what you thought about where to eat….

And in school, where many cultures/economies/genders/etc are blended together with a myriad of hidden rules…..mistakes will be made. Hats or no hats? Rules for 4 Square? Who sits in what chair (is that your staffroom??) 

It’s fair to assume to consider that the rules you “know” are different from others in the room…..after all, why were so many impolitely clapping at a jazz performance…..?

In the end, the acoustics in the theatre weren’t great from the audience TO the stage so I opted to follow the nudges from my wife next to me and clap instead of snap….sometimes rules change….!

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