Day 33 (of 185) thoughts from @cuebc #cuebc pro-d event

Day 33 (of 185) thoughts from @cuebc #cuebc pro-d event

I’ll admit I always get nervous when someone comes up and says “I’m looking forward to your session”….but there is always such a positive energy at events like the annual cuebc event… big this year that they actually had to close down registrations! 
–>and I was shocked to see how many people were crowded in my room for my share on coding k-12… @jagill and I estimated at lunch’ about 10% of the conference wanted to learn more about bringing coding to younger learners – which is absolutely great to see!
My slides:

But so good to see so many leading educators who have inspired me here. And of course having students sharing how valuable they found the ability to use 1:1 mobile technology in ALL learning environments as well as sharing how valuable they found their eportfolios…..nice to hear affirmation of what I’ve been encouraging for…..well, quite a while now…

Keynote with @chrkennedy 
Love that he’s starting with a great game: awesome or not:
1. Coding as a course. (And my discussion was with a kindy teacher who wasn’t sure how it would work with younger learners – exactly what I’m sharing later today)

2. The state of social media in schools (as Chris nicely said: I think kids are doing less crappy things on social media than a decade ago)

3. Future of cuebc in 5 years (tech teachers shouldn’t be separate from other educators….but each year more and more pushing those boundaries….and coming to conferences like cuebc)
Here’s what we have now in BC:
We have reliable internet connectivity in most places (most of the time) compared to just a few years ago
Most districts have mobile devices in teachers hands
Got a plan(s) for byod that work (equity not separate from this)
(Generally) accepting phones in classrooms
How to embrace (power of) social media
Unblocking (YouTube et al) is a big mindset shift

But we are still in routine of doing old things better….


And what can the “stuff” do – things that would not have been possible without the tech

5 obstacles
No need

No money

No hurry

No desire 

No trust

Easy work done – the yes/no (but like to rediscuss these because they’re easy)



Phones in school

Harder: what do teachers want….what makes learning better for kids

Moving to 1:1 opportunities. Not just about 1:1 with devices. 
And yes, there is a connection between digital & outdoor learning. And I agree – even though I’m about the tech, I equally champion “getting outside” – they are not in opposition. 

Challenge time: find a video that highlights the promise of technology. Posting it on twitter using #cuebc


In WestVan – Google has become our go to place and took….moving from “it could do that” to “it just works”. 

Digital tools like @freshgrade and Techbook as growing in popularity and become something we have to do….because it’s working for the learners…!

Coding and robotics have gone from nowhere to everywhere. And treating it like Band. Part of school but sits outside of timetable. 

since BC has moved away from (one size fits all) provincial exams, we can rethink how Ss show learning…..And no longer thinking one tool (smart boards) for all……right?

Hexagonal thinking w Karl @LS_karl

Problem solving approach

Allowing you to see problems from new, different ways
Really like the concept of breaking a project down to its smaller pieces (for us, we took concept of students going to an alternate learning environment) and then sorting the topics into related groups….

And then we looked at one based on visuals..

Has such great cross curricular connect ability!

Really glad Karl has married a Canadian and joined BC Education!

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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