Day 29 (of 185) re music in schools

Day 29 (of 185) re music in schools

Saturday night my wife and I went to the big city to support the Thank You For The Music Society that I was asked to be on the board of. Our mandate is to keep music in schools and get instruments (specifically a specific keyboard and ideally a hybrid Yamaha piano) into schools. 

I am thrilled that I am part of a district that has kept music important. I’ve been in two other districts where we “reduced music prep time” and by that I mean minimized any music experience for students k-12…and I learned: once music leaves a school district it is REALLY HARD to get back. I have (and will continue) spoken out in favour of maintaining “what we do in music” – it’s enabled choirs to exist in schools where they otherwise wouldn’t and for students to explore musical instruments that elsewhere they couldn’t. 

In my school I am fortunate to have students, parents and staff who support our fabulous music teacher (who I helped hire last year – and the principal of music and myself routinely hurt ourselves patting our backs for that decision) and she has been a powerful force….she wanted two tubas for our school band…and got them. It’s this passion that helps inspire students  – one of which has a goal of being our trumpeter at our Remembrance Day Assembly. 

My own music talent stopped at clarinet in grade 7….though I am adept at blending music for our month in review videos! Not the same, but I appreciate how valuable music experiences can be for (most) learners. I’ll admit I’ve had a few students join me in my office rather than go to music class, but only because there was a lot going on in their worlds and one more transition was tough….but the goal was always to have them re-involved in the musical experiences as soon as possible. 

I hope that the actions of groups such as  can help reintroduce and re-involve robust music programs by planting seeds (aka pianos) into schools where it is needed… soon as possible!


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