Day 27 (of 185) re Health & Safety (school committees) w thanks to @adamkreek

Day 27 (of 185) re Health & Safety (school committees) w thanks to @adamkreek 

Today we started with a share by Canadian Olympian Adam Kreek. He emphasized the importance of Focus. He compared his trek as part of four people rowing across the ocean being safer than riding a motorcycle (on a % comparison) and made an analogy to driving a car – sometimes more safety features makes you less focused… yelling in back, phone ringing etc vs foci of riding a bike (not answering phone as lack of doors et al increase focus/awareness of everything else going on….and you can bet that when they were on the ocean they were VERY focused. 

Though even then it is possible to have moments where attention can be lost. That is where preparation matters. When they misjudged a wave and an oar broke….they were able to deploy a sea anchor and ensure they were safe in order to get things fixed (mentally and equipmentally). 

And then an example of what happened when the boat capsized. And yes, even though they had prepared for this…in theory….the reality really emphasizes how you deal with Change effectively. Make sure you can catch your breath. Observe what the changed conditions (reality) are. 

Tell stories = forget

Teach philosophies = remember

Involve the audience = learn 

Change is tough. Kind of like the implementation dip:

You Can resist OR Can take on responsibility
Some things we can control:




Challenge: what is your next Gold Medal moment? What are you moving towards?

What are you doing to get ready?

Preparation matters. 
Mental wellness…mental health is enhanced when there is a goal….a purpose in your life…a gold medal opportunity

Gold Medal Moments need pursuit of:


Community service



(And removing negatives of those)

More than achieving: wealth beauty and fame (but pursuit of internal wellness has a side effect of the external benefits)
and… medal moments are brief. Even a gold medal 🎖 is great for next few hours…then normality sets in again. Even clinging Mt Everest…standing on top of the world for about thirty seconds…then it’s the next persons turn….and you have to get back down….

Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the strength to continue that counts. -Churchill

Similar to CBT, stress et al is your body reacting.  Listen to the body. 

Breathing hint: 4-7-8
Breathe in 4s
Hold breath 7s

Breathe out 8s

Breathing deeply changes fight/flight to relax/recharge
“For 99% of the species on this planet, stress is 3 minutes of screaming terror in the savannah – after which it’s over or you’re over” Robert Sapolsky
Stress = performance energy.  Until it becomes “too much” – reaches a “not good” tipping point. 

Lots of healthy ways to recover from stress. And when we do (like a workout) we can build our capacity. Increase you capacity-sphere. Staying within comfort zone means no growth…
And gotta watch out for addictive “stress maskers” like nicotine pills alcohol gambling etc. 

Watching for: pleasure –> coping –> addiction –> abuse
Easy to chase what you’re missing when change is creating stress. Pleasurable experiences can quickly become harmful. The harm-line is when coping shifts to addiction. When coping you need to be aware. Once it’s addictive you need to seek help – it’s an increase to self-harm. And very personal issues. Need to get help in order to Recover Wisely. 

Valuable to: reflect *  learn  * grow * let it go

4 year “Olympic plan”
Year 1: try new strategy; innovate

Year 2: project success and plan

Year 3: qualify

Year 4: training to win
Then each year is broken into yearly plans (6-8 week cycles) and down to a daily plan. 
Hmmmm – very similar to the CBT Coping Steps Plan!
Why? Races can be won by the smallest of margins. Each “gain” can be very important – Adams team won by one second. 220 inches. 220 strokes per race. One inch of improvement led to a gold medal. 
To be achieved gold medal moments must be broken down into smaller wins. 
Van Gogh: great things are done by a series of small things brought together. 

When ‘the boat capsizes’ focus on what you can control

(and when help is offered……be willing to accept/use it – that’s what it is there for….its part of what your preparation was all about) 

Final thought: inspiration has an expiry date. What are you looking at/working on?
And why do Olympics happen every 4 years? Breakthrough theory days it takes about 4 years (like university, electoral terms, business plans….etc)
And it’s okay to “look up” every now and then to make sure your destination is still where you want to be moving to. Redirections okay. Returning to an earlier goal also good. 

It’s not about what you get, it’s about who you become. So what’s your plan?

And at the end of the day……sing like Kreek:

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