Day 26 (of 185) why I like it when our emergency depts visit

Day 26 (of 185) why I like it when our emergency depts visit

Today we had our local fire departments visit. Where our school is located, that means three volunteer departments all have to align their schedules to come and visit our school. It’s time consuming and I thank them for taking the time to come talk to our students – and when the RCMP were doing a speed check a couple of weeks ago I mentioned they are welcome to pop in to refresh their coffees (perk of having a daughter work at Starbys!) because I like it when people-in-uniform can “normalize” what they look like. 

Because not everyone sees our emergency-response personnel with the same point-of-view….

Sometimes the police are those people who took _____ away. 

The people in the red truck scared everyone with their masks and weapons. 

When the ambulance shows up someone goes to the hospital….or we never see them again. 

Not going to touch on cause-and-effect here. Just the reality that we need to recognize that there are multiple sides to the story….and helping put a human face to the uniform(s) matters. 

If the police some by for a walk about the campus “just because” or the fire department lets some kids climb the truck and honk the horn….or an ambulance shows up just because they have some time to show off a piece of equipment….well, it changes the narrative. 

Like the phone call from the principals office. While I do have to make some not-so-happy phone calls, I do try to phone for good news stories as well – and love it when I hear a faint “crap – what did they do now” as the phone is being answered. 

But if every call…every appearance is connected to negative experiences….is it any wonder why people are reluctant to come to the office? When the narrative is flipped, it helps show that mindsets can change (and grow) as well.


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