Day 23 (of 185) just keep fake smiling

Day 23 (of 185) just keep fake smiling

Today I introduced one of the few workbook programs that I deeply like to my grade 5/6 class: Friends for Life – a cognitive behaviour therapy program initiated in Australia and made available to all grade 4ish students in the province (works in grade 3-6 range). 

I was lucky enough to be one of the “pilot classrooms” in the Okanagam for this program over a decade ago. What I liked most was that it worked (helping students identify feelings in self and others) AND worked long term: heard students talking about the coping step plans and calming techniques in the hall the next year when they were no longer in my classroom. 

Today I kept the introduction nice and relaxed (helps that I have every class with me during our library/learning commons times) as we previewed what we would be doing in the next weeks. 

And I introduced the fake smile. 

Because it works. 

I’ve used it and so have many others. 

When feeling angry/sad/stressed and you “need” to feel better…..fake a smile. If you keep a fake smile happening, within about two minutes you actually feel happier. 
Now, if you re-enter the stressful environment/thinking, it may not last too long, but as a quick distraction: fake a smile (a big one) for about two minutes!


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