Day 20 (of 185) manic mondays

Day 20 (of 185) manic mondays



Had an interesting conversation with a class of students about “mondays” and why I don’t always like them.


They thought it may be because weekends are more fun….but as I shared, it’s more often because weekends are more unpredictable.  Pick any percentage, and there are students who had a bad weekend and are carrying that into the classroom. It’s my job to understand each students typical “baseline” and make quick decisions if there is a noticeable enough change that needs an intervention (sometimes just an ear to listen, other times a distraction tool in the office – lego or magnets working great this year)



It’s interesting how mondays can also shed insight to other (more positive) shifts of baseline:


Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 11.31.28 AM.png

  • heard from someone else, “we need to do a better job keeping all students in school”
  • had a discussion about “wait time” prior to a discipline investigation – not starting with the suspension
  • saw some great posts on physical literacy – specifically around ‘free play’
  • got a willingness from staff to “go with the flow” as the scope of a drumming/musical theatre company coming to our school has evolved from a “one day wonder” to a full week event….including performance at the end of the week….not exactly what we thought it was


Find it interesting how each monday can have its own unique baseline….yet the days experiences are no guarantee of what tomorrow will be like!

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