Day 17 (of 185) shifting understanding aka rural vs urban misunderstandings

Day 17 (of 185) shifting perspective aka rural vs urban misunderstandings

Today I had a change of perspective. While reading today’s blog from @chrkennedy on local programs “doing good locally” – I got a bonus insight about urban life. Being in rural communities for most of my life, it has always been easy to shrug off how easy things are in urban (metro) communities – being in close proximity to everything compared to “us” who might maybe visit ‘the city’ for an event….or two….

But then I read: “I learn some of the students who came today had never been over the Lions Gate Bridge”

And I paused. 

Because it’s hard to admit and acknowledge that the greatest resources may in theory be close at hand, but that doesn’t mean it is accessible in actuality. I grew up in a community that while “on a map” wasn’t too far from a major centre could feel as isolated as any other rural community in Canada (and my definition of “rural” is that a trip to walmart is at least a full day experience). But why should I believe all urban experiences are common?

It’s easy to think that “distance” is the greatest isolator, but there are so many other reasons that can limit mobility; socio-economics and mental wellness to name just a couple…..and I should know better than to assume that because of proximity, of course all people in West Vancouver would have experienced all of the city experiences. 

After all (metaphorically speaking) just because a bridge is built to connect the land, more may be needed to connect the people.

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