Day 2 (of 185) Change does take courage (even tech, as per @apple today)

Day 2 (of 185) Change does take courage (even tech as per @apple today)



Today Apple brought out some “new” tweaks to their lineup – updates of their phone and their watch. I’m an admitted Apple Fan since I first explored the Apple II – so I’ve seen the peak, valley and rise – and enjoyed moving from being a “niche user” to one of the biggest brands in history.



I’ve read biographies on both Steves – and been inspired by both in different ways – Woz because of his acknowledgement that once you open certain metaphorical doors, you can’t go back and do things in the ways you used to. Jobs because of his focus on staying on vision. As with anyone, both have faults…that’s not what I’m worried about at this point. The combination and business that came from their association has helped be a reminder that if you believe your vision, stay true to it (and wait for others to catch up) and again, not a critique, yes there is an element of ‘stealing of ideas’ (many others call this ‘research’) and there are strengths to other tools (I am a “right tech tool for the right user” person).



But here’s where my thinking was today. This is a company that has been “courageous” in its mission (so, sure today there may be some teasing about using the hashtag #courage to talk about what tech does/can do versus what people do/are going through), but it is a physical metaphor for staying true to what you believe in.



Yes…..I’m talking about eliminating the 3.5 mm headphone jack from the phone. “Everybody uses them” ….except for us using bluetooth….but they’ve even helped out by providing an adaptor for those wanting to stick with their previous marketing trend…..but times change…..



Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.48.53 PM.png

As they did when Apple first eliminated the floppy (though solid) disk drive and only provided a CD/DVD drive.



And then eliminated the CD/DVD drive in the macbook air (of which I had one of the first and became relieved to do less burning of dvds and cds that would get scratched).



And they put the “U” into USB…..



And they saw that Java had a limited shelf life and endured the jokes:



Because in my head, I’ve swapped “3.5mm headphone jack” with report cards.  And “bluetooth” with eportfolios. In a sense they both do a job of communication – but very differently. Some will require “supports” to make the move over (that’s why there have been external hard drives, dvd burners, and apps to translate java….)




So to you educators  (because “think different” doesn’t just mean you have to use a Mac …..even though you should 😉 who are the “crazy ones” looking at being “early change adopters” have a great year and know you’re not alone!



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