Day 1 (of 185) new learning communities galore

Day 1 (of 185) new learning communities galore

Big changes. New school for me and each of my three kids at home. Always time for nerves and questions (usually wrapped around “what are others thinking of me” – even though they aren’t, they’re more worried about what you’re thinking of them). 

…for our youngest to (finally in her mind) enter middle school….and our boy entering a 9/10 campus while the oldest girl enters grade 11 with 12 classes in an 8 block rotation. You read that right….(she’s the rebel – does homework for high scores using cursive script…) All three are pushing their (and our) mindsets to “do different” (classes/learnings not within the traditional formats with alternate output strategies)

And yet while going out for a family dinner to celebrate taking in new surroundings, I couldn’t help overhear the table next to us telling their (well behaved) son that they better not be going to the principals office – grade 1 is serious. So tempting to point out that going to the principals office is often a good thing. And that hopefully kids go through the rest of learning years as curious as they were in kindergarten. But they were on their way out and in a good mood….

But mindsets need to include some shifts. Principals offices need to be part of the learning journey – not just a place for punishment (and ending of learning times). Grade one (and 12) should still enable a sense of “wonder” and curiosity that learners first being with them to school. 

It’s not just adults changing mindsets….our youngest had to shift her thinking and be a leader by not being in the same class as her soccer friends (and as a social learner that is very challenging for her). My middle child son has to get used to the fact that there won’t be many/any worksheets in his project-based learning environment (and he couldn’t be happier as the work/talks by Will Richardson and Sir Ken finally made education make sense to him!). Our oldest has had to shift her priorities to balance her school life with work and athletics – and music – seeking balance. 

And for myself, continuing to keep an open, critical eye for what I am doing as an educator….and why.  Looking forward to furthering my work with general anxiety via self-regulation and communicating student learning via tools such as eportfolios. Love the conversations I’ve started today (couple around protect based learning and coding – esp as this becomes a ‘mandatory’ learning topic in BC). 

Whatever the age….whatever the community….the learning keeps on keepin’ on….when you have the growth mindset!! And my hope is as I enter year four of blogging each day of learning is that I will be able to see some of my own growth as a lead learner. 


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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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