SOL (2016) 11 review of One Without The Other by @tweetsomemoore 

SOL (2016) 11 review of One Without The Other by @tweetsomemoore 

Love Shelley Moore. She has an engaging presence (for an introvert 😜) when she brings her key message, of which I am a strong advocate: kids/learners come first. 

She shares personal stories to help illustrate the ‘why’ learning supports are provided. 
Why they need to be personalized
Why they need to be respectful
Why they need to be meaningful
Why they’re not cheating. 

Shelley is an amazing educator – whether it’s an inspiring Ignite presentation, TED talk, or full day workshop with a district. Her stories whether love or in person or via her book (!) bring through a common thread: education is for all learners…..but at the learners readiness – based on their skills and strengths – not as a typecast and not as an ‘average’ but based on individual skills. 

It’s not easy….but neither is trying to hit a 7-10 split in bowling nor riding a bike from Vancouver to Seattle……but it is worth it. 

She shares her own personal learning journey both as a student and as a teacher….ever-more illustrating how each learner is unique – there are no homogeneous learning groups. She shares her success and fails (first attempts in learning) as she continued to learn and became more ready to share. 

If you’ve seen Shelley (live or via YouTube) the book is a great reminder/reference. If you haven’t seen her yet, read the book and get ready to start requesting your district to bring her to work with you. 

It’s an easy read – but not simple. The stories are engaging…and then they make you think on your practice…and what you are going to do “next time”. Highly recommended if you are wanting reinforcement or inspiration to put individual learners first. 

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