SOL (2016) 9: eportfolio prep (thanks to @coolcatteacher @freshgrade @quippedInc)

SOL (2016) 9: eportfolio prep (thanks to @coolcatteacher @freshgrade @quippedInc)

We are closing in on the time to start thinking about how to communicate learning in the upcoming year. And in BC, we have:
New Curriculum:

A new (temporary as parental consultation is just beginning on a new-new) report order:

And with me moving to a new school, I am looking forward to further discussing the use of eportfolios. And when discussing why we use eportfolios (as tools to communicate student learning, not just reporting on score achievement:

I like to refer back to the work that Vicki Davis aka @coolcatteacher has done on this topic:
because eportfolios show so much more than a report card is able to do (ie show creativity, model different communication methodologies etc)

In BC with our stringent FOIPOP rules, we have limited access to “compliant” eportfolio tools…..fortunately our limitation has is connected to two fantastic tools. My former school has been using @freshgrade for the past three years as a “pilot” for communicating student learning. It is now permissible for any teacher on our district to use, and other districts are making use of it on even wider scales. I am very happy that we have had three years working with the FreshGrade team as they have committed to an early statement: what we show you today is the worst our product will ever be – it will continue to improve thanks to the input of educators. Also nice that they are a short drive away (Okanagan bias!) 

The other product being ‘tested out’ in our district is another Canadian company from Winnipeg called Quio aka @quippedinc who have another product that some teachers I work with are very intrigued by. 

Should there be “one” choice for eportfolios? I default here to my philosophy on many things linked to technology: right tool fore the right person. If the tool “feels right” it’s probably the good choice. Should students have “a” portfolio that follows him…..that I can see many sides to….but I’m okay with a model that follows a “guided gradual release of responsibility” where teachers curate more in the early years and students take over in later years…..and if they are exposed to a couple of models, then they can see which represents them best. Same with tablets – I can make an android device work, but love my iPad and can make it do more, faster (but know the opposite is the reality for my brother in law). 

For me, it is less about the tool you use (though I will continue to use FreshGrade this year) than what goes into it, as seen back in the Vicki Davis article – because the report card didn’t show my oldest daughters 3D printed car or her trombone solo, my sons gains in communicating his creativity not my youngest girls leadership activities….all things I wish would’ve been better archived via eportfolios. Yes they are different than report cards, but just because report cards have survived for 130 years (- since a small grouping of old white guys came up with “a” way of learning that reflected the assembly line mindset, we have better tools and better mindsets available. Let’s use them. 

And right after I pressed ‘publish’ @garr_s shared some @gcouros thinking on eportfolio startup:


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