SOL 3a (2016) #bcpvpa tech thinkings and learnings via @shareski

SOL 3a (2016) #bcpvpa tech thinkings and learnings via @shareski



“Eventually we have to get ride of our floppy disks” – a comment made by @bbeairsto during one of our keynotes at todays ShortCourse. Change can be complex. It pushes comfort zones. It seems to devalue “what has already/always been done” …. and opens fears that “we haven’t been doing something ‘right’”….



The comment followed a great @shareski presentation around “it’s not about the technology….oh wait, it is about the technology” where he laid down the challenge – saying “it’s not about the technology” in learning and education is like telling Yo Yo Ma that it’s not about the cello.  It reminded me of one of my earlier blogs this year when I was thinking about the concept of technology & a ‘single user experience’ (a topic that came up during our table talk today) vs ‘right tool for right user’:



And as for the role of technology……as one of my table-group said: Damn you Shareski -as she was dabbing at her eyes because of some of the videos that were shared….ie    CNA – Speaking Exchange – YouTube



Because Shareski makes a very strong point: technology should be able to have us do different….and if we are a) using new tech just to do old tasks in a different format or b) measuring achievement using old assessments…..then we are missing the point.



I have seen, used and will continue to champion technology as one of the greatest differential devices for education. Even in a “basic” format, to allow non-writers to use voice-to-text or video formats instead of cursive script can be empowering. Even to use some online math games to allow students to do some work “at their level” (ie math tic tac toe which allows students to “level up” based on success/interest).  None of which are great disruptors to education, but can help open eyes to see how tech can benefit students…a gentle first step to enabling students to using minecraft to create an application form (done by my son this past year). But these strategies are best used with “current” technologies – that is to say, mobile devices….not so much the computer lab model that was a hub to keep the expensive tools under lock and key…..



And yet I still received an email from a principal dealing with a good twitter question….and signed off with the note “looking forward to getting wifi in our school in september”….sigh. More work to be done, because when technology is mindfully used, it can be am amazingly powerful tool to enhance learning.


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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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