Day 184 (of 183) reviewing my goals for the year

Day 184 (of 183) reviewing my goals for the year

I like setting my goals. Even if it wasn’t “a district requirement” it’s a worthwhile activity
And reviewing the goals is just as important. 

Goal #1: Enhancing technologization via a learning commons approach to supporting learning community

As I returned to the library-world, I knew I wanted to have a couple of changes to establish the traditional library-space as more of a learning commons (so much more than just a story, talk/lesson and book sign out) I was even planning some more coursework (Ph.D.?) until our budget was under attack and library programs were considered for elimination. 

Weirdness occurred and the short story is I still get to be a principal-librarian…just at a different school. And while dedicated library time is limited…’s neat to see our district librarians maximizing their time within each school!

But I did some shifting – putting the Friends program into some of the library programming. Adding in coding stations and centres that pushed problem solving were key. Even added a couple of android devices to explore with (since the iPads we have are always busy with teachers in other classrooms).  

Technologization isn’t always simply about having shiny new devices…it’s more a way of thinking. And as I’m plotting for next year (especially with grade 6-8s) I’m now thinking more about maker-stations too. And more minecraft! And…… Looking forward to bringing the learning-commons mindset to a school that is used to “just” having a library!

Goal #2: Continue to work on increasing awareness of anxiety in education

This year has been very good for raising awareness of anxiety in education. I gave two Ignite presentations and a half day info-workshop to another school district. We have embedded many of our self regulation strategies aren’t really school goals anymore, but instead are “what we do”. 

For the upcoming year, I have been invited to share more information at another Ignite event, a TedXed session, a big one with brain guru @laurapaiement at @learningforward in Vancouver in December and for a Montessori group fundraiser in the new year. 

I guess I need to focus on the mini-book…!


Goal #3: Communication spectrum; how do I (as an individual) communicate what I and doing/ thinking/plotting; how do I (as part of a school & district) communicate ‘our’ message; how do I (as part of a provincial organization) help all of us communicate & network better 

Reflection: communication remains an ongoing challenge. Currently I try to reach all members of my community “where they are” while still encouraging more ongoing communication tools:

I love: Twitter& eportfolios. 

Twitter allows ongoing info to be shared throughout the day and eportfolios (currently our school is using @freshgrade ) allow a glimpse into the formative assessment that occurs in the classroom and not just reporting a summary of a learning “score”. 

I like: Facebook & newsletters & videos

Many of our parents are on Facebook and I like using it as an “archive” of what’s going on. I tweet and Facebook-post upcoming items, our newsletters (as pictures), and links to our webpage where I keep our video week-in-preview (I use this as a way to assure families that I don’t have two heads nor breathe fire). I keep my newsletters to one page as often as possible with occasional two-siders when there is a lot to share, and yes I still send home paper copies to ensure that something goes home (whether it makes it home is another question)

I don’t like (but do): emails 

I always worry about over-filling in-boxes, but I heard from my parents this year that they don’t mind school emails as long as it’s not every day. So I did start doing weekly emails and the feedback hasn’t been negative, so I will continue. 
Beef: still got phone calls from families that “didn’t know” about events and I’m not certain what else I can do. 
Bouquet: a LOT of students identified a favourite memory to be our schools Month-In-Review videos that communicated all the different events that all classrooms and students get involved in (and might get to look forward to doing when they are older)

Already starting to think about my personal goals for next year!!


About technolandy

Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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