Day 183 (of 183) my staff is mean (and I loved it)

Day 183 (of 183) my staff is mean (and I loved it)



They got me to cry.



I thought the week was done. We had our year-end assembly earlier in the week. The talent show was great. Our oldest students had their outing. We were getting cleaned up and buses were already starting to show up (a little early….but on a ‘last day’ that’s normal – one of the drivers always likes to pop in for our In-Review videos each month). I was in a meeting with some staff discussing some thoughts for a couple of students needs for the upcoming year…..when suddenly a phone binged.  My CEA looked at it and quickly went to the door. And then our counsellors phone binged…..



But I hadn’t put anything together……until the door opened….



I could hear some noise coming from the gym – some singing to be specific…..singing of “our schools song” – Shut up and dance with me (mentioned on day 181 that I’m retiring this song from my Month in Review mix)



and then I realized what was going on….



They got me. I’m usually pretty good at avoiding certain “highjinx”  – but I was blindsided. And I couldn’t go into the gym on the first attempt. And I came to learn that this was in the works for a little while (essentially the same day that my transfer was announced) and that I wasn’t getting out of the school without a bit of attention being put in my direction. And to walk into a gym with everyone singing ‘the’ song…….and to know the not any of the 170 students 15 staff or 4 family members ‘let it slip’ still has me in awe (I learned our kindy teacher bribed at least one class with liquorice…..and it worked).

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.10.43 PM.png


I’ll admit that there are times you just have to shut up and listen. This was one of them. I was stunned to receive that everyone contributed a page to a book they gave me. I heard one of my teachers share our first meeting – at a parent-teacher meeting for my daughter…little did I know that a few months later she would jump at the chance to come to the school I had bragged about. It was humbling and amazing. All I could do was thank the students and staff for an fabulous four year.



In reflection, I find it so appropriate that we were then able to end the school year with an impromptu ….. nope, that’s not right – impromptu to me, but planned for/by EVERYBODY else….. dance party.



There’s no one good way to leave a school community ….unless you ‘age out’ -either as a learner or educator…those are great – and I definitely saw a smile on one of my staff who retired the year previous who we had similarly arranged the school to sing the one song she had always wanted her class to sing at spring concerts/any concert – True Colors (a fave of mine too) so she got some vengeance by playing a role in getting me in the middle of a moment. I wasn’t sneaking out the way I had thought I would be…..and I like to encourage leadership on my staff….but I didn’t think that it would bite me in the butt the way it did……and I couldn’t be happier….because they knew better how to finish the year.



Thank you @sorrento83


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