Day 178 (of 183) thank you for the music

Day 178 (of 183) thank you for the music​

Today we had a Music Thing – an evolution of our spring tea into more of a showcase of music explorations that our students have done. We are fortunate enough to be in a district that provides 100 minutes of music instruction to each elementary student. It’s a definite strength of our district….and apparently becoming increasingly popular as an event: ordered more chairs for an audience than last year and STILL needed to steal chairs from a classroom!

We are fortunate to have a first-year teacher who is a trained music teacher and has bonded beautifully with our learning community. She has challenged herself and encouraged students to do more and more with music – including a guitar solo (that he learned by ear) and a beautiful grade 5 number to close the show before they head off to middle school. 

I have been part of other districts where music was ‘reduced’ in schools. That meant it wr away. And it is very difficult to get a music program restated. As for value, it was great to share with our audience how Wednesday night we got to see our secondary bands kick off our larger community’s weekly music series – and to see how our little kindys start as budding flowers (a musical dance number that was choreographed by a student teacher we hosted that is also a talented dance teacher) to having solos at events that draw large audiences who aren’t relatives 😜

I have tried to provide as much support as I can to the music teachers that have worked in our school as well as our district music coordinator (who our district gets great value from) because I do see great value in these programs. I even was asked to join a provincial society that is just starting up called “thank you for the music” to help kickstart ways to get music into schools and communities that either don’t have (or have lost) music in their learning communities. If there is one thing I have learned and love to see, it’s how passionate musicians are to their art/craft. 

Thank you to all of our students and adults who have helped bring music to our entire learning community. 


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