Day 176 (of 183) asynchronous networking relationships thanks to @chrkennedy & @pernilleripp

Day 176 (of 183) asynchronous networking relationships thanks to @chrkennedy & @pernilleripp

Professional relationships are important – both face to face and asynchronous. Sometimes talking time with me is great, other times 140 characters is ‘just right’….

This morning I moderated a chat with West Vancouver Superintendent @chrkennedy for our @bcpvpa learning series. A great share on “fostering effective relationships” (and a plug that he is keynoting CUEBC in October!) one of his questions to our group was around social media connections. I’m a strong supporter of this because I have benefitted from many connections I have made via Twitter et al. I appreciated him teasing me about my blogging habit as he modelled it as an example that you don’t have to meet frequently face to face to have a positive relationship….when you are open honest and vulnerable (not always easy in social media). I know many who have known Chris much longer than I, but via social media I know we have a lot in common (except for running and his music playlists – check out so it’s not an inside joke) and a similar outlook to education!

This afternoon. I read another phenomenal blog by @pernillerip – today was a blog thinking about her kids….and it made me reflect how my blog is also designed for my kids in part because I couldnt find my dads journal and I want my kids to be able to find mine…when they are ready. (@gcouros 180-day-challenge was another reason 😜). Again, her willingness to be open honest and vulnerable has been inspiring – even as she works half a continent away….she continues to have me rethink my work as a librarian-principal! Always look forward when I see “blogging through the 4th dimension” on my WordPress reader!

Face to face networking is great….until you can’t. Growing up in a rural community, I know my dads opportunities for networking as principal were limited (so his sphere of influence was as well, unfortunately for education….). Because of social media connectivity, I am able to network (and occasionally tease) and learn from/with educators around the world. I’m always thrilled how these asynchronous ‘first meetings’ so often lead to face to face meetings….and there is no ice to melt because we already know each other! 
Social media can be a very powerful tool to help enhance professional networks! And there is still SO much potential! Love the growing strength of my #pln

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