Day 169 (of 183) to everything there is a season…? (Inspired by @chrkennedy & @theatlantic )

Day 169 (of 183) to everything there is a season…? (Inspired by @chrkennedy & @theatlantic )

A recent blog from @chrkennedy talked about disruptions in education (is there one coming; is it here;???)
I always appreciate the reflection Chris provides as a lead educator blogging his insights and considerations as a superintendent. 

Then I stumbled about an article about reading logs (and I have to admit I am getting more and more impressed with The Atlantic week by week – one of the key advantages tech enables: allowing a pacific coast guy connect with the thinkings from wrong side of the continent 😜)

Update- shortly after I posted this I also stumbled on an edutopia article on other literacy things that don’t work:

And then I saw this one on Facebook

And I admit I’m one of those radical librarians who likes it when kids pick out books that are ‘too hard’ for them but are entranced by the subject matter (minecraft #1 without question) – though I encourage an “independent reading book” as well (and often override the sign out limits to encourage them to be radical in their reading)

Motivation? Disruption? Change? Are the seasons turn turn turning? (Or as Song of Ice and Fire would say: winter is coming) 
It is a reminder that just because we have always done some things, does not necessitate that we should (or even can) keep the same things going. As librarian I have noticed a change in how students are acquiring information. And yes, there  are so many benefits to reading – and the light of tech at night is designed to keep the brain engaged – but things are changing. Or have changed already. Books have a serious competition and the late night flashlight under the covers is in a tough fight against the backlight of a tablet (love night view for reading)

Big shifts this week with BC shifting away from provincial (common) exams

And I’m still thinking a lot about the movie Most Likely to Succeed movie we just saw in our district and how there are many small ripples that I’m seeing in education that are connecting to possibly create a tsunami. While standards may still be key (shoutout to #sblchat) but how they are arrived at is becoming much more personalized. 

And whenever I am shocked by something my son knows (shouldn’t have been taught it according to Learning Outcomes) he loves to respond “thanks to the power of YouTube” (with a dramatic pose). 
Changes coming in education? It’s already here! What part do you “own”?


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