Day 165 (of 183) they brought that for lunch. Really??

Day 165 (of 183) they brought that for lunch. Really??



Kid was excited to share what they had for lunch today:

2 wagon wheels

2 Rice Krispy  squares

A jello

A cup of peach slices

And a big can of iced tea.







Two approaches to this one:

  1. Get riled up and blame parent
  2. Understand why the lunch is what it is



Is it much easy to send the lunch home with a note chastising the parent about the food they send? Shaming is an approved strategy, isn’t it? (Really need a universal sarcasm font – or comic sans)



It is much harder to consider and work out ‘why’. Checking the calendar helps – our breakfast/lunch program gets higher use at certain times of the month and the ‘quality’ of lunches also ‘changes’.



Instead we/I will “supplement” the lunch with some proteins. We won’t say “what is your mom/dad thinking?” (as I have heard) we can’t make socio-cultural judgements about what is brought to school.



And I have worked at schools with full lunch programs and the words I hated most when critiquing the menu was: if they’re hungry they’ll eat it.  Such a typically middle-class judgemental attitude…..and doesn’t show understanding of the bigger issues around poverty and hunger. It’s because of a variety of reasons that when I have organized a “class party” that included food, the invitation was to send something, but not dictating what it had to be (and fully knowing that it might end up being a higher calorie/lower nutrition item that many would prefer). I am an advocate for healthy choices…but in a timely and respectful way. …not “don’t you know bette” accusations (reminding families how unfamiliar/uncaring schools can sometimes be)



I’m also admittedly a poor role model as “lunch” is usually a thing that I get on weekends or at meetings – not so much in the school day. As well, Canada remains the one G8 nation to not have a national school- food program… is it really “important”?? I know I’m on the losing side of this argument….and I’m okay being ‘wrong’.



So when I also heard another boy had a bag of hickory sticks (deliciously salty but far from nutritious) for breakfast…..I made sure I touched base and see if he needed anything else….but didn’t take away the food that was sent with him.

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