Day 160 (of 183) @LeytonSchnell @tweetsomemoore and inquiry oh my! in #83learns

Day 160 (of 183) @LeytonSchnell @tweetsomemoore and inquiry oh my! in #83learns



A day of professional development within #83learns Here are some thoughts and sharing from our day:


@LeytonSchnell – our regional inquiry expert kicked off the day:

21st Century Learning: Engaging Each Learner  (framework)



INTENTION: To mindfully embrace and extend goals and actions that connect diversity, inclusion and leading edge pedagogy


BC’s curriculum renews is about inclusion” creates an opportunity to build in more pathways for more learners. Looking at some ‘thing’ longer and deeper instead of recalling factoids.



Ron Richard, Project Zero:

Thinking moves

  • naming
  • inquiry
  • looking at different perspectives and views
  • reasoning and evidence
  • making connections to prior knowledge, across subjects, to our personal lives
  • uncovering complexity
  • capture the heart and make firm conclusions
  • building explanations, interpretations and theories



Do we present the big idea, or uncover the idea (let kids come to it) – phrase it as a question (foundation of SOLEs & #geniushour )

We have a habit of not letting the kids do the explaining – value in having them explain to us rather than us “telling them to tell us”


from kids: I love inquiry because I get to choose what I learn and what’s next



Where does research say we should be heading?

Help students to:

  • see how subjects are interconnected
  • be respected
  • solve real problems
  • learn from and with each other and people in their community
  • feel they make a difference in the world, engage with knowledge that matters to them
  • connect with experts and expertise
  • have more opportunities for dialogue and conversation about their learning



When everyone does ‘the same stuff’ they compare to each other – not focused on their own progress/work



@tweetsomemoore Shelley Moore then took over.



I loved that she referred to End of Average:



Her passion is great – especially as she shared stories from Todd Rose’s book and then made her own “aha” moment – the reason that cars have adjustable seats….one size won’t work for all…..



How do we make and adjustable curriculum:

build a curriculum plan that fits the kids vs kids fitting the curriculum

We need to find the RANGE?

  • in curriculum
  • in competencies

how per grade level??



Paradigm Shifting:

Schools getting better at having students identify: I am a genius at……..

As adults, we are usually more reluctant…..very good at sharing what we are not good at….


Can you name something that you are a genius at??





Speaking of geniuses – some of our #83learns inquiry projects are ready to be shared. Quick hitters:


Parkview Team: Project based learning & Student Engagement (MakerFair: build & share an ideal playground) – tried it as a multi-age group project



Secondary Group: Question What happens when an English teacher and a Social Studies teacher get together to integrate Aboriginal content into their curriculum?  Question changed based on TRC (Truth & Reconciliation Commission) recommendation to:

  • make curriculum on residential schools a mandatory education requirement for all Canadian students
  • ensure that educators make every effort to build student capacity for intercultural understanding empathy and mutual respect

Great student thinking and sharing coming from looking at Residential Schools in this study (and how do you approach these thoughts): “why do we pay for something that others did in the past” and “Somethings we will only see the fault of doing it, in the future” and “did you (teacher) learn about this in school (we did not)



Secondary Group 2: Aboriginal Education & Content 9-12. Wondering What does aboriginal content involve? how do we break from ‘token’ and move forward authentically? What resources do we have/need? and beyond books? How do we provide an inclusive experience for all students?



South Broadview + 1: Exploring the Renewed Science Curriculum – specifically: What will the new grade three science curriculum look like in our classrooms?  very different from “what we have been doing”



Sorrento: Collaborative group of one (radical…must be from my school 😉  Collegial conversations, alone but not isolated! looking at aboriginal content into the classroom (and school) with a focus on the First Peoples Principles and how identity blends in with self-regulation (better when you know yourself) and storytelling.



Armstrong Elementary 3-5: Education Focus: Residential School Experience. Knowing that to start, they had to begin with themselves and focus on their own learning.



Silver Creek: How can we support the diverseness of our students in a multiage setting using a Personalized Learning Approach – especially with a 3 grade split in a small school. Staff came from traditional classrooms: one lesson and then differentiated. Had to turn a corner and personalize the approach. Included (one of my faves) #geniushour   and led to another question: How to adapt the personalized learning structure to our special needs students



LRT Group: Picked the song “I’m in a hurry” because it felt like everytime they tried to get things going on Improving Communication around the special education world, they found roadblocks…..especially that which is out of their control (IEP Central, Ministry of Education….) but some things – especially IEPs – can be better communication tools.  If we can condense K-10 curriculum into single pages….surely we should be able to do similar with specialized learners



SIDEBAR: via a tweet by Shelley Moore: @tweetsomemoore Colleagues…forcing segregation by ability is THE SAME as forcing segregation by race…What side of history do you want to be on?   She liked my response: Hmmmm and segregating by year of birth…😜 ?!?!



Carlin (an elementary/middle school): How does focusing on effective questioning improve students’ critical thinking competency? (connected to the great book: Spirals of Inquiry – starting with a way for students to showcase their learning. Does having an authentic audience improve student engagement and deep thinking? Personalized learning projects definitely a big success!!



MV Beattie: looking at Movement Breaks: How does incorporating a variety of movement activities throughout the day affect student ability to focus on learning? (ironically we’ve been sitting at tables for several hours already…..) Strategies have included: active bingo, roll some brain breaks go noodle, manhunter….!! Why? Improves health, supports cognitive, social and emotional development, brain development, regulation & more



Salmon Arm Secondary: inspirED – inspired: adjective: …of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse. Teaching social, science, english, math – 1/2 day every day. No letter grades or numbers – this is what you’ve done, how can we improve (descriptive feedback focus) inquiry/project based learning. Working with the K-12 Innovation Partnership  (and a program that my son is hoping to be accepted into!!)  Tricky as their prototyping mantra has evolved: Fail earlier and often, to succeed sooner




Always great to have Leyton and Shelley in our district. Even their closing the day is inspiring. Leyton pushed us one more time to think about and  be mindful of:

Pedagogical Practices Which Transform Student Engagement in Learning


  • open-ended tasks and teaching
  • workshops
  • culturally responsive teaching
  • PBL/Inquiry learning
  • SEL & SRL
  • Formative Assessment
  • Place-Conscious Learning
  • Literature, Information, Numeracy Circles



And Shelley closed with a reminder about: de-criminalizing supports  her poem:


“no one has been harmed by too many supports, but many have been harmed by too few”

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