Day 159 (of 184) grrrr those kids today (thinking about the past)

Day 159 (of 184) grrrr those kids today (thinking about the past)


Today we had our Parents Advisory Council host a “more traditional” track & fun day. There were ribbons (and some disappointed kids). There were hotdogs (and some kids who regretted  not preordering and had regrets when they looked so good…..of course they “somehow” found one on their desk shortly after).  There was noise. There was music (thank goodness for Radio Disney to ensure all the songs are ‘young ear appropriate’) and a nice mix of old and new activities. A mix of extrinsic rewards and intrinsic fun. A mix of fully engaged to completely disregulated.  In other words: a fun day! (For most)



But it did make me reflect on the past a bit…..



When I was a student I knew what was what…..we didn’t have satellite music blaring over a battery operated speaker (we did have tissues over combs….but also had full head of hair too….) but at least walkmans were starting a disruption!



Instead of writing we would create very elaborate “race courses” (and put the kids we didn’t like in last – had to fast talk how last place wins the race when put in the hot seat by my teacher). Now they’re called GIFs.  In hindsight, I think we were supposed to be writing.



When we were too loud in library we got to copy out entire paragraphs from the encyclopedia. Again and again. It’s not like we learned any different – in fact when we wanted to get out of an activity, we knew exactly what to do in order to get a punishment that was much better than the task.  Now the library is a mix of readings, activities, centers, explorations, silence and music.



With 36 kids in our class we knew that we could push boundaries and not get caught (too often) or sometimes shift the blame to someone else:  risk vs reward!



My son creates applications for a school program using minecraft. Weren’t 2D representations enough? We used to just stop going to school. (120 in G8, 60 G12) mind you that may be a mental wellness issue as much of a “work” issue…..



Graphic novels??? Comics were good enough….if not slightly less durable…

When we were making mixed tapes it would take hours to pass tapes around and thn you had to transfer in real time! No shortcuts for piracy back in the day!

I had a daughter compose a musical score to represent the English civil war – what does music have to do with history?



My other daughter created a Rube Goldberg machine to show simple machines – I used a wedge to split wood.



We used to have lots of lists. Lists of who made teams and who didn’t. Who was in a play and who was cut. What everyone’s grade and % was to inspire …….. someone….didn’t work for me, but I did get dollah bills!!



And then there’s these life hacks! I only learned some tricks to avoid brain freeze recently – todays learners have all the advantages….not to mention the hand held devices that I wished would be available on our long road trips…. and there’s stumbleupon (I did have a wall of national geographic magazines to consult as my www)…. and … improvements…..right?



Sigh.  Education today. It shouldn’t remind us so much of the way things were….should it? Were the good old days as good as what we want to recall? Always a good reflection starter!


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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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