Day 158 (of 183) collaboration vs committee (w thinking via @dpontefract)

Day 158 (of 183) collaboration vs committee (w thinking via @dpontefract)

Lots of thinking about individual vs group dynamics this week – especially around collaborative practice emphasis aka introverts vs extroverts – and what group work in committees may mean!

With an interesting twist we/I had to do some quick thinking about what each means- when collaborating, there has to be meaningful outcomes, when in a committee, a consensus likely will have to be made…..collaboration can have lead to ever-changing group dynamics. Even acknowledging that people may become a group of 1, but a committee needs the group to reach common ground (admittedly not necessarily all agreeing, but acknowledging the process of how to get to the decision)

But I like to acknowledge that each methodology serves a different purpose, as we got to practice today: in a reporting committee (needing to come up with some belief statements & questions to pose to our learning community) we collaborated on small groups that actually changed as the process went on so that we were engaged in who we were working with as well as what we were working on. 

Always interesting to run a “flat” meeting (a heterarchy where titles don’t matter) that modelled having a situational hierarchy (needed a leader to ensure we stayed focused) – with thanks to @dpontefract and his book Flat Army. 

How did we do?

“Reporting Conversations”

Took in a lot of information as a committee and then collaborated to synthesize some questions to ask our community….starting with students with some DRAFT questions (because time, reflection and sharing/discussing are all very important tools). 

We kept archived information of the thoughts that were shared with us/that we collected and sorted so that we can always refer back to them – or as our Director of Instruction said: good for the documentary film!

Then we reached consensus that to gather more information, we would see if the following questions would “read right” to get the information that we hope to get about why we report/communicate learning:

How are you doing in school?
How do you know? What do you need?
What are different ways you know or can find out?
Who else needs to know?

and then a slight tweak towards parents:

How is your child doing in school?
How do you know? What would you like to know?
What are different ways that may help us know?
Who else needs to know how your child is doing?

The committee work isn’t done and the collaborations will be continuing as well – a dusting as needed to provide some direction for our larger learning community because (as I hear so often) the smartest person in the room IS the room. 

Looking forward to what’s next!


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