Day 157 (Of 183) regarding Spelling Tests

Day 157 (Of 183) regarding Spelling Tests


Had a parent come in and ask for help with their child’s reading and writing. Now, if you look at some of the statistics, the child does okay – especially if you look at the “spelling” stats. But…..the mom admitted that indeed the child can recall the correct words on weekly spelling tests, but not the day after.



Not the first time I’ve heard this story.



One of the key reasons I moved away from word lists and tests was because I was seeing too many kids cram to memorize words for a test and then, as the song says: let it go…..



I also remember one mom being upset with me for doing spelling different – because her son had always done very well on spelling tests. This was the child that couldn’t remember how to spell those words on the Monday following the word test.



Instead the shift towards “making words” (focusing on spelling patterns/rules) has helped better identify how sounds and letters  connect – and painfully point out how often they don’t connect whatsoever:


Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.09.56 AM.png

Glad to see more hands-on use of words – because I still feel words are key (especially sight words) in order to have fun with language arts down the road. How else can poetry become so wonderful and twitter wordsmithing fit everything in 140 characters?!?!



I always empathize with teachers who take this common “first step” away from that which was done to us….it’s tough to change culture and make improvements (hockey players once resisted wearing helmets and seatbelts still have opponents) but once the shift is made….other changes can follow!


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