Day 154 (Of 183) the tough part of having teacher leaders on staff

Day 154 (Of 183) the tough part of having teacher leaders on staff

Had an interesting chat with my Human Resources department. We were talking about attendance. Not mine, but I could tell it was a tad uncomfortable for our director – especially when he said ‘usually principals will call us if there’s an issue’

And I was able to stop him there. 

Yes, I have a teacher who is frequently away from the classroom. Because they are needed for district and provincial work. As I shared: that was me 10 years ago. Feeling like I was out of the classroom ‘too much’ (something our teacher has spoken with me about on more than a few occasions). 

So, I shared what my mentor principal told me (and I have told my teacher, and told parents, and told our HR department) it’s sometimes tough having teacher leaders on staff. 

Teacher leaders are great when in the classroom – the cost is that often they won’t be in the classroom. This is normal. This is good. It is good for the district and happens when you build leadership capacity. 

Would I like more consistency? Ehhhh. We compromise by using our location to our advantage and are able to rely on a small group of TOCs (teachers on call aka substitutes) that can come in knowing classroom & school routines (same thing I used to do). In fact I have been even more impressed with some of the advanced planning that has had some of the TOCs come in and do “full day art” lessons – using their skills to create “special experiences” and do workshops that are difficult to do in shorter blocks of time. Wish I had thought of that (best I did was give my regular TOC some learning outcomes ahead of time and let them own the class while I was away). 

As I prepare to spend a day away from the school (yep – leadership opportunity!) it is reassuring to know that I have a building of leaders and that we can all rely and support each other….every day. 


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