Day 150 (of 183) Marvels Captain America: Civil War – a great example of right vs right

Day 150 (of 183) Marvels Captain America: Civil War – a great example of right vs right



Took my son to see the latest Avengers Movie – Captain America: Civil War – NO SPOILERS- but it certainly put the SUPER in superhero movies!


But there was a particular phrase that made me do some thinking. As the term Civil War implies, there is a schism between allies…..and the statement was: compromise when you can, but when you can’t compromise – you need to dig deep. (I may be a bit off on this one) but the message was clearer than the phrase “pick the mountain you want to fight/die on”.


Within the Civil War – both protagonist and “antagonist” are making choices that they feel are right….and they both are right. This happens frequently – best book I read about this was “How good people make tough decisions”


It doesn’t make it easier to “lose” a discussion/decision/fight….. but it does help provide perspective – there are many sides to every decision. But there are still some decisions that you have to make because they are central to your core. I have many friends who have made “unpopular” decisions, wrote articles that were decried by allies, even wounded friendships – all because they had to follow their beliefs.



Right is right. It is not about being righter – it is about being aware that there are differences of opinions…….kinda like the vision of spiderman (Hey – had to go to geek town at some point) – while a “Marvel” character, Sony has been in charge of the character when it came to movie depictions.  Until tonight. Marvel had a different vision of Spiderman, and while the Sony viewpoint was good…and right….Marvel being in control offers an “intriguing rightness” that is slowly being unveiled.


Who says superhero movies are just explosions and costumes. Not this guy!


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