Day 147 (of 183) meetings before and about “meetings” aka getting alignment

Day 147 (of 183) meetings before and about “meetings” aka getting alignment

I have a ‘joke plaque’ in my office:

And there can certainly be said there is no shortage of meetings! But to me there are always two types: compliance meetings and engaging ones. 

Today I did have a meeting about meeting. But it was to share what was discussed in a parent meeting and how that impacts how we work with a child. 

I also had a meeting before a meeting to make sure that those of us attending have the same information as each other. 

Essentially – bonus meetings to ensure alignment. It is one thing to have a meeting to share information (though I prefer to just send an email or text if it’s just info). But when we all need the same knowledge or language or the same mindset, it’s worth it to take the time to get together. 

Were they great meetings? Hard to tell. While the conversation were rich (and snacks help!) Meaningful meetings don’t always get quick answers or results. We have to wait and see if the hoped for long-term alignment works out. But we need to trust the process!


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