Day 146 (of 183) My teachers better have their phones on!

Day 146 (of 183) My teachers better have their phones on!

I know it is a great debate: should cell phones be used in school. While most of the discussions are around the students it is also about the adults.


Phones are distractions for adults. They are obsessed about talking about them.

They may be on Facebook instead of teaching

What if they are texting?

Multi-tasking is a myth it’s just doing multiple jobs poorly

If it rings it distracts everyone

Greater ability to ‘chat’ via social media


Personally, I find that (once again) we don’t give the ‘younger generations’ enough credit. In my day Dungeons & Dragons = evil intentions and violence and songs by Guns ’n’ Roses & NWA were going to lead to the disintegration of civilization.



Now we get to poke fun at millennials:



But we are teasing/mocking them for kinda similar things that I remember being “talked about”….the youth of today are lazy, don’t know how to work, aren’t polite, etc etc etc…same thing that Socrates said a couple of millenniums ago: “The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in the place of exercise”.




Each year, I do encourage my adult staff to have their cell phones on them.  I like to get a quick text letting me know of good and bad things that I need to give immediate attention to. It also allows us to ‘network’ during days that we often don’t have “down time” at the same time (or ever…)


Are phones distracting? Absolutely – especially when the alternative is not engaging.


They may be on Facebook….or twitter….I kinda hope so – we use eportfolios and a convenient aspect of that is uploading (and commenting) samples of student learning in a “realtime” opportunity.


Multi-tasking – the myth or the reality… my opinion – multi-tasking is very doable – but when the task is rich (or demands it) full attention is able to be given – but sometimes a text will come in that changes the priority of “whats most important at this point in time”.


Do people still use ringers?? (of course as I type this I do hear a phone ring….)


Plus it’s great to know where people are! Especially when a parent comes looking for a child and I need to know where they’ve snuck off to:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.00.14 PM.png


It’s a great communication device – and communication is definitely a key competency of learning “today” – no matter what the learners age is!


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