Day 142 (of 183) did you call _____ ?!?!

Day 142 (of 183) did you call _____ ?!?!



The tough phone calls are the ones home when a child has made a poor decision.



The tougher phone calls are the ones with bad news (suspension, injury, sickness, didn’t get a job, etc)



The toughest phone calls are the ones to our “educational partners” also known as Ministry of Children and Families (McFamilies to our friends!) or other support agencies when help is needed that the school “can’t” provide.



Really the super toughest phone calls are when I don’t make the calls, but get blamed for them. These are usually the “ones” that happen when MCFD workers show up “unexpectedly” and typically ‘the school’ is the one that phones…..even though we don’t.  Phone calls can come from doctors, neighbours, strangers…..and definitely from ANY member of a school staff.  Which is why I use (and share) the following line that I have to use when asked “why did the school phone _______” which is:



I can neither confirm nor deny that a phone call was made by a person from the school.



Which is the truth……sort of. I may know of a phone call made (may have even done it myself) but the reporting mechanism is meant to be anonymous. And I will usually follow it up with the reminder that in many cases, the phone call is a way of looking for help and providing support, not the removal of a child. But it sure ain’t an easy call.



Did I call? Maybe. But…..I can neither confirm nor deny……

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