Day 141 (of 183) costumes – aka the interview costumeS

Day 141 (of 183) costumes – aka the interview costumeS



Everyone knows that when you are the interviewee you should always dress right. With my 100+ ties (many inherited from my father) it is nice to have a huge range of outfit possibilities…..depending on the audience….. but today I dressed with mindfulness knowing I was on the ‘receiving’ side of the interview – part of a panel…..and ‘the full suit’ may not have been appropriate for the “cultural vibe”…..and it made me think….



I remember in ‘once upon a time land’ when my dad had to go do an interview in rural BC….and he went from working in the garden to lead the interview – the superintendent in his 3 piece suit and my dad in his overalls….again mindfully. He wanted candidates to be able to adjust to the vast differences that could be found in the community…you couldn’t get rattled and if you couldn’t adjust perceptions in an interview, he worried how it would go in the classroom.  That lesson stayed with me (though I haven’t been brave enough to show up in a football jersey and shorts after mowing the lawn! ….yet…..)



I am mindful with what I wear and how that impacts and influences the interview process. Today, I wanted to keep things casual and relaxed during an interview for a key management role in our district – so while I ditched the tie, I upgraded my shoes (got some amazing thrift store deals!). I may not always be the best/neatest/expensive dressed….but there is a plan!



Mindfully, I do select my clothes/costume carefully depending on the day. Knowing who my audience is….or if I am the audience. I think it matters. And definitely during the interview, I like to see how candidates are presenting themselves – because first impressions do have an influence!!

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