Day 135 (of 183) reviewing some eportfolio “hosts” with thanks to @freshgrade @quippedinc @scholantis @seesaw

Day 135 (of 183) reviewing some eportfolio “hosts” with thanks to @freshgrade @quippedinc @scholantis @seesaw

Our school has been exploring eportfolios instead of report cards of the past three years. As the curriculum (and report order) in British Columbia is changing, it is a great time to explore how these tools can help enhance the “communication of student learning” (as opposed to the report card’s job of “reporting student achievement”). My background blog came during some shortcourse think-time, where I finally was able to reflect on why I liked eportfolios….and didn’t just want “a faster horse”:

But today, we were looking at the “main players” that may have a positive influence in our school district. BC has some interesting “privacy settings” that need to be understood before making the shift to archiving student learning/doing in an online environment. And while I am a strong advocate for eportfolo communication, I am not an advocate for any “one” program – I’d just like my kids to graduate with something more/better than a “transcript”…..

The main players that we are exploring today are:

FreshGrade (the eportfolio model our school has been using)

Scholantis (another BC product that a learning community we collaborated with as we “piloted” eportfolios over report cards)

Quio (from Manitoba with some intriguing “Learning Maps”) 

Seesaw (from San Francisco, but has some interesting connections into BC)

….and of course, a little video highlight preview:



Intuitive app interface

Easy to get started on

Great for descriptive feedback (very formative)

Separate portals for teacher/student/parent 

Easy to overwhelm with data/images

Summations need work 


data/information hosted locally

Teachers can organize using ‘tab’ formats

Connects well with Microsoft (built on SharePoint)

uploading takes time (no app – or quick add in development)

email system linked with sharepoint (tricky with non-SD email addresses)


Learning Maps is an intriguing feature to personalize learning goals

Lots of connecting to work of others (learning maps)

no app…..yet – it is ready(ish) but not coming out until summer

works best with google apps/chrome (BC…not so much yet)

Feels more middle/secondary (in a good way – the learning maps feature is great here)

Takes time to setup/figure things out



“draw” feature very neat

app very user friendly

Very collaborative 

not BC foipop friendly

tricky to set up class (in my first attempts)

Maybe too collaborative and open for our readiness…!

OVERALL: it is nice to see how flexible and willing to work all the eportfolio hosts are when working with education. With each portfolio set up and designed uniquely…its up to the users to explore and find out which took works best for them. Report cards are a standardized tool to report achievement. ePortfolios enable personalized communication of learning journeys….so why not consider personalizing the archiving of student work even more…!?!?

Definite strengths to each portfolio we looked at that makes us fee there is no “wrong” choice – and all the “cons” will probably be worked on/tweeked/fixed before this post is published…!!! Pick the tool that feels right when you use it!


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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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