Day 134 (of 183) considering Youtube for self regulation

Day 134 (of 183) considering Youtube for self regulation.
Here’s the plot: I have a few learners that I know that do a good job self-regulation when they can distract their brain using youtube (some specific youtubers) with the challenge being that many of the youtubers shows are over 20 minutes long – and that is a long time to spend to re-regulate because then it’s hard to leave the show…

The challenge: I’m going to have my son (generalized anxiety) help create and/or edit some of the “good shows” to about three minutes in length – enough time to distract the brain…allow some reflection & resets and get back to learning. The time may need to be adjusted, but that’s what we are working with.
We will: talk to some of the youtubers to see if they’re okay with us using their content AND challenge them to help us by creating some mini-clips to help learners redirect their foci.

Some of the names recommended (so far)








Good Mythical Morning

And one whose language and content is sometimes better for the older (teen) crowd: GTLive (GameTheory Live)

YouTube has a lot of potential with so much content being produced so frequently. (We haven’t even discussed the monetization potential of this media format) I’ve even quoted my son in workshops when he asked “If schools are preparing us for the future….where’s the class on YouTube”. 


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