Day 131 (of 183) on deadlines and due dates (& a @willrich45 “elephants” shoutout)

Day 131 (of 183) on deadlines and due dates & “elephants in the room”


I’m not against due dates and deadlines – there are definitely some “showtime” dates and times that can’t be avoided. It also helps to change a mindset….or as my mom photocopied for me while still an official student….




But…so many of these “deadlines” are artificial. They’re for convenience (especially adult convenience) – something that I am reflecting on more and more as I reflect on the book “End of Average” and the “reasons” that schools were designed (get rid of the slow, reward the fast and prepare the middle for repetitive labour)….



It also hit home as I read a must read from @willrich45 today about the Elephants in the Room where he points out 9 “elephants in the room” that should unsettle us about education – including the curriculum that was designed by 10 middle aged white guys without much worrying about engagement or longterm learning goals and ESPECIALLY not designed for enhancing the competencies desired by todays world (communication, creativity, critical thinking….)



and today (again) a comic that was first printed about 30 years ago still rings true when it comes to  the elephant known as “due dates”….things we all did (or still do) because we had to….but could be different as it transforms to being done because we want to…



Elephants are in the room when it comes to education….but it’s not enough to say “yep – there’s an elephant in the room……moving on!” we need to think and talk about it – and I really appreciated Will Richardson’s blog today talking about the untalkables!!


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