Day 127 (of 183) shouldn’t they go home? (channeling my inner @tweetsomemoore )

Day 127 (of 183) shouldn’t they go home? (channeling my inner @tweetsomemoore )
Of course the question gets asked when things get loud: shouldn’t that kid just stay at home?

My response today was a query of my own: how would that help? I’m supportive of sending kids home when that environment will be supportive and able to help enable change….but more often than not, these are the kids who need at-school support the most (thinking about many of the words of wisdom from @tweetsomemoore checkout  ) where is the help to be found? 

True, we had a student increase their ‘baseline’ (how they act & react). Threats and distractions are normal….but when the baseline behaviours escalate to violence, I do support creating time and space in order to develop a plan…..but time and space rarely means ‘at home’. And I prefer to solve problems and fix mistakes than send kids home to ‘think about what they did’… if the home environment will support and enable change during the school day hours, of course that becomes a consideration…..if….

It was also/coincidental and nice to hear at a Student Services meeting the same afternoon the value in shifting from just using discipline/consequences to work with behaviours (and even more complex, the organic issues that mask themselves as behaviours). 

Shouldn’t they go home? In my opinion – only at the end of the day. Then tomorrow starts anew. 

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