Day 117 (of 183) spicy toothpaste. Inspired by @siobhanorb

Day 117 (of 183) spicy toothpaste. Inspired by @siobhanorb

A random tweet was forwarded through my #PLN : Parents of young children out there…If I say ‘spicy toothpaste’ does that mean anything to you? Via @siobhanorb 

I immediately knew what she meant. My own son used that expression when he was younger and he didn’t get the right toothpaste (Spider-Man I believe is what I was supposed to have picked up). Then, as now, I first took a doubletake: what do you mean toothpaste is spicy?

But tastes change. Literally. Kids can taste the different flavours in the smarties colours. Well, maybe not that much, but literally how people taste stuff changes. ie
And there are other similar articles. Shocking. Kids change as they get older. 

And it makes sense. Broccoli isn’t as gross and I do recall a time that slushies didn’t repulse me. 
The same goes with school. I used to not like math….Or to be clearer, I liked math, hated it and now am fascinated by it again. 
It’s good to:

A) have an open mind that changes evolve

B) be aware that people tastes aren’t the same (tomatoes are still disgusting)

C) subjects are like foods – sometimes the chef matters. 

The spicy toothpaste? Peppermint. Yes, it’s his “flavourite” now. 

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1 Response to Day 117 (of 183) spicy toothpaste. Inspired by @siobhanorb

  1. Stacey K says:

    I saw this blog post earlier and I really liked the analogy of kids navigating the world everyday being like an adult navigating a new city.
    And yes, my kids describe mint toothpaste as “spicy” too.

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