Day 106 (of 183) BCs New Curriculum – reinventing the wheel? curriculum growth…

Day 106 (of 183) BCs New Curriculum – reinventing the wheel? curriculum growth – 
A teacher came and shared she now better understands why she was being bugged at her previous school for “are you reinventing the wheel again” as she tweaked and continued to change/enhance her tools to teach curriculum.

Our discussion included the idea that there are some programs (not curricular) that are research based and designed for a specific intervention/enhancement. Strategies and tools used to work with curriculum should have an element of a feedback loop so there is always a spiral of growth (I learned ___ this year so I know that next year instead I should _____). No one resource is going to work for every group of 30 students (or pick a number). There will always be some outliers who need different….

So….if being asked “are you reinventing the wheel”, I hope the response is Yes…and here’s why: tire technology has changed dramatically. The tires of 1978, while good for the time, are not in the same league as what is available today. Understanding of tread, composite materials, et cetera have enhanced driving so that if you have the right tool (winter tire) you are going to do better. Likewise we know so much more about learning and the brain, that it would be irresponsible to keep using “a” same old tool again and again without spending the time to reflect on whether or not it is still the most effective tool to be using to enhance Learning.

This influences my thinking around BCs shift to new curriculum (used terms like “refreshed; renewed; curriculum 2.0…) and today our district used its first “curriculum implementation day” to explore what strategies and approaches may benefit us for September startup:

Started out exploring BC Curriculum with a look at the 20 year old (ish) Educated Citizen guidelines


And our guiding principles: 


Which tied in with a neat movie image that drifted in via Twitter:


Competencies: not going to be a linear assessment mode, as I mentioned frequently in our round table discussion on creativity (part of provincial planning) you can’t say: by grade 3 students will show creativity by: ______. It’s a profile. It’s personal. It fits much nicer on an eportfolio and not what a report card is designed/meant for. Profile 5 does not mean grade 5, in fact many adults may not be in this description. 

As the new curriculum is “ongoing” submissions can (and should) be made by classrooms – a Wikipedia approach of archiving info

Similarly the First Peoples Principles of Learning are

– considered throughout curriculum and development

– Authentic and meaningful

– Both explicit and implicit

– Big ideas sew guided by the First Peoples Principles of Learning

– Place-based learning K-9 ready to use; 10-12 in draft form & still taking feedback
In the tools section, you are able to combine grades when searching competencies/big ideas/content – so if searching 4/5 science, you get the bigger picture!

Overall, I feel that the direction that BC is heading in with it’s new curriculum is a “right decision” – the tricky part is that it is/will cause uncomfortableness. I am more interested in the competencies & big ideas – but that may also be because of my movement towards ideas like geniushour and SOLEs (self organized learning environments). Elements that I think will influence my work as Principal/Librarian at our school. 

School is changing. As it should. We aren’t reinventing the wheel – or are we….!? Maybe we should be!


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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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